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  • Mission and Vision
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About Our Laboratory

The Imara Mediplus Hospital laboratory is one of the key departments in our institution. Our lab is one of the best equipped, well staffed and offering a wide variety specialized tests in the region. The Laboratory is headed by a Senior Lab technologist/ Manager with over 10 years experience in supervising and reviewing lab daily activity and test results. Before we start testing, daily internal quality controls and calibrations are ran to assure quality of the reports. We are also enrolled in an International External Quality Assurance Scheme for international quality monitoring and benchmarking.

Mission and Vision

MISSION: To always provide excellent quality, up-to-date, affordable and superior laboratory services to all our clients irrespective of their status in society, age or gender; and we aim to achieve this within the shortest time possible.

VISION: To become the top, internationally accredited, referral lab in the region.

Services Offered

We offer all routine laboratory tests, specialized & referral laboratory tests. For all established laboratory tests, we do not refer our patients elsewhere; however there are a few of the newer and rare tests which we refer to our collaborators: Lancet Pathologists & Medanta Africare. There are some tests that our clients can make a self request; Malaria test, Haemoglobin tests, Blood Grouping, Pregnancy test, HIV blood testing and counselling, Cholesterol, Pap smear, High Vaginal Swab (HVS), Prostate Antigen (PSA) test and Blood Sugar test. However to receive the best & professional laboratory services, clients need to come with a duly filled laboratory request form from their doctor. Before visiting the lab, we recommend seeing a doctor who will not only order your test but also interpret the results and recommend management.

Appointments and Bookings

Fasting Blood tests; these include fasting blood sugar, fasting lipid profile and can only be tested if the patient has fasted overnight a maximum of 12 hours. If however patient fasts overnight and comes to test after 10.00am; this will no longer be fasting but starving thus giving inaccurate results

Glucose Tolerance tests (GTT): this test requires patient to come fasting overnight and needs to be booked by the laboratory as it takes several hours to collect the required samples.

Bone Marrow Aspirations & Fine Needle Aspirations: this can only be collected by a Specialist on appointment with the lab.

Filaria Parasite tests; blood can only be taken at the following time;

Between 10 am and mid-day

Between 10.00pm and Mid-night

Semen Analysis; requires special instruction on collection and samples collected before meeting the laboratory requirement will be rejected.

Turn Around Time (TAT) for Tests

Laboratory tests have different TATs depending on; Type of test, number of patients carrying out similar test, performance of quality control and doctor’s requirements;

  • The laboratory technologist/ attendant collecting/ handling your sample will give you the specific TAT. This information is also available in our Laboratory newsletter either at the facility or for download from our website.
  • We give priority to emergency tests and urgent tests.
  • If our Internal Quality Control (IQC) shows failure, we have to do a root cause analysis and then take corrective action until IQC is passed. Only then do we rerun the tests. We will try to keep you informed of these or any other delays.
Tests Done
  • Biochemistry & Special Chemistry
  • Haematology
  • Microbiology
  • Molecular Biology/ DNA
Lab Service Charter

We promise TO:

  • To treat you with dignity and compassion
  • The laboratory technologist/ attendant collecting/ handling your sample will give you the specific TAT To anticipate and explain any delays
  • To ensure your lab test are available within the shortest time possible
  • To explain instructions on sample collection or test procedures in language you understand
  • To accord you privacy and to handle your information with confidentiality
  • To provide you with a channel to give feedback about our services.


  • To consult a doctor, prior to visiting the lab, who will not only order your test but also interpret the results and recommend management
  • To provide us with complete and accurate information
  • To follow the recommended instructions
  • To contact the lab for any clarification about your tests
  • To show respect and consideration for other patients and staff
  • To enquire about any costs related to treatment and to settle all your financial obligations

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