Imara Hospital is a fast-growing healthcare facility located in Embu county, that is on track to be the lead healthcare brand in Mt. Kenya in the next few years. The hospital is on a mission to create better lives for people living in underserved areas, by providing affordable world-class healthcare with compassion, through service excellence. The hospital has launched a 100bed capacity hospital 7 kms from town along Embu- Kiritiri road

Our team is committed to a culture of continual improvement, learning and skills development, through training, mentorship, and coaching. Individuals who are passionate about their personal and professional growth will thrive in our environment. In considering joining our team, you are committing to meeting and exceeding the needs and expectations of all our patients, building and maintaining deep, impactful connections with each one you interact with at the hospital, and becoming a leader in the community through setting an example for others to follow.  Our hospital is a great and fulfilling place for individuals to work and build a rewarding future, together.


To ensure Imara Hospital provides a great customer experience both physically & on digital platforms. Through establishing & maintaining the primary link between the organization, its staff and the clients Imara serve. This will be achieved by ensuring a smooth client centric hospital experience, contact centre, well-coordinated digital marketing, and implementation of insights gained through research & experimentation


  • Client experience and digital marketing
  • Internal marketing and strategy to internal marketing
  • Establish and maintaining excellent customer relationships
  • Listening skills
  • Ability to resolve conflicts and difficult situation
  • Remain calm in demanding and high tension situations
  • Excellent at communication with staff, clients, and other stakeholders
  • Good organizational and planning skills
  • Able to comfortably work with computers and tech savvy
  • Ability to conduct and review research end-to-end
  • Creating and presenting analytical reports
  • Ability to create relevant online/ digital content
  • Ability to multitask/ task shift between different departments and functions efficiently


  • Ensuring coverage of client experience desk/ enquiry desk/ contact centre
  • Managing inbound and outbound calls
  • Patient appointment management
  • Management of doctors on duty and room allocation, be aware of the doctors on duty and doctors expected and their time of arrival
  • Ensuring strict client service standards and etiquette are maintained by all staff in the hospital
  • Facilitates smooth patient flow through the hospital at all service points, “conveyor-belt” like, cyclical movement of patients in the shortest time possible.
  • Ensure timely response to inquiries by patients, prospective patients, and visitors in a courteous manner.
  • Enquiry management and recording for recommendation of most sought for services.
  • Monitoring and report on key performance indicators such as patient visits and customer satisfaction rates etc.
  • Analyzing marketing and communications journeys across events and digital and traditional campaigns which may include direct mail, edms, sms, phone calls
  • Formulation and review of relevant policies and procedures
  • Conflict/ dispute resolution amongst staff and other stakeholders
  • Ensure digital marketing activities are conducted as per management plans
  • Ensure client centric digital content creation by all departments.
  • Ensure frequent customer and market surveys are conducted and insights integrated into decision making.
  • Ensuring every customer of IMH Hospital receives the best Experience.
  • Educate colleagues on the various ways to humanize patient experience based on feedback from individual patients and their families.
  • Handling customer complaints to completion in-line with the hospital Customer Experience policy.
  • Conducting regular ward rounds in conjunction with other team leaders to interview patients, inquire about their respective experiences’ and address any matters that may require immediate attention.
  • Conducting monthly training to all staff on customer experience and internal marketing
  • Perform external marketing under the guidance of the marketing manager/marketing team


  • Direct Reports to head of Client experience


  • Ensure at >30% of patients attended at outpatient fill in a customer feedback surveys
  • Ensure 100% of patients atteneded in the ip fill in a customer feedback surveys
  • Any patient inquiries are responded within 24 hrs
  • Ensure social media inquiries and comments are responded to within 30mins
  • Ensure each major department (lab, pharmacy, clinical, & nursing) creates and posts at least 1 written and video blog each month
  • Training on digital marketing
  • Achieve a minimum of 40hrs training annually


  • Responsible for ensuring 5s policy is maintained at their work station
  • Exceptional client service on site and on digital platforms
  • Ensure the social media and web platforms are kept up to date with accurate information
  • Ensuring clients are given the correct information on time
  • Ensure accurate patient bookings with the relevant specialist, so that patients attend the right clinic at the right time & the specialist is available to serve them.
  • Ensure good client service phone etiquette is always maintained
  • Protects patient confidentiality, making sure protected health information is secured by not leaving documents in plain sight and logging off the computer before leaving it unattended


  • Minimum 48 working hrs per week
  • Extra hours are compensated as per overtime policy
  • Might be required to work Holidays and weekends as the hospital remains open 24/7
  • It includes occasional travel to different organizations and communities during scheduled marketing activities e.g. Health talks, community outreach and wellness programs
  • Travelling allowance as per the job group
  • Entitled to 30 days annual leave.


  • Monthly client service performance reports
  • Monthly digital marketing performance reports
  • Ensure monthly reports are submitted by the 5th of every month
  • Monthly Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Biannual market surveys


  • Provide leadership for all inquiry desk & digital marketing staff
  • Receive and coordinate all new visitors and clients
  • Ensure smooth flow of information between different departments and patients
  • Prevent and resolve conflicts between clients and the organization or its employees
  • Ensure all staff are trained on appropriate client service etiquette
  • Form a part of the Imara team and ensure collaboration between departments


  • A Bachelor’s degree/ diploma in any relevant field


  • A minimum of 2 years’ experience in client experience, marketing, call center or front office in a busy and reputable organization. Working experience in a busy hospital is highly encouraged

SPECIFIC COMPETENCIES (e.g. software application skills, strategic planning, analytical & results orientation…)

  • Experience in conducting customer surveys and market research
  • Analytical skills in reviewing and analyzing research data to build useful insights
  • Experience and training in customer service Tech savvy and knowledgeable about current digital trends
  • Comfortable with the basic Microsoft packages (word, excel)
  • Experienced in reporting writing
  • Experienced in creating and reviewing standard procedures and policies
  • Great public speaking and presentation skills

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