• About Our Pharmacy
  • Mission and Vision
  • Pharmacy Service Charter

Manned by highly qualified professional staff with years of experience, The Imara Mediplus Hospital pharmacy prides in the quality of professional services we offer our clients.

The pharmacy is committed to providing efficient services to both internal and external prescription patients, whilst ensuring that treatment is safe and appropriate. We dispense high quality original and generic medicines at the best price possible. Before stocking, all generic medicines undergo a vetting and approval process by our facility management committee. The Imara Mediplus Hospital procures all medicines and medical supplies only from registered suppliers thereby guaranteeing our patients quality medicines at all times, especially in light of the risk of counterfeit and substandard products in the industry.

The Imara Mediplus Hospital offers very competitive prices for all our medicines due to the volume discounts and bonuses we negotiate with our suppliers, which is then passed on to our patients.

MISSION: To improve patients’ lives through quality and efficient pharmaceutical care services and ensure our patients acquire adequate information on medication use and their health needs.

VISION: To be the leading entity in the region, in provision of professional pharmacy services and facilitate the best patient care and drugs safety.

We promise TO:

  • To treat you with dignity and compassion
  • To dispense your prescription medicines within 10-15 minutes of presenting your prescription
  • To anticipate and explain any delays
  • To ensure 100% of your prescription is dispensed
  • To explain instructions on medication use in language you understand
  • To accord you privacy and to handle your information with confidentiality
  • To provide you with a channel to give feedback about our services.


  • To present a valid prescription
  • To provide us with complete and accurate information
  • To follow the recommended treatment
  • To contact the pharmacy for any clarification about your treatment
  • To show respect and consideration for other patients and staff
  • To enquire about any costs related to treatment and to settle all your financial obligations

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