The Imara Mediplus Hospital is committed to providing healthcare with world class standards and aims at becoming a centre of excellence for high quality health care.

Facilities Management

The Facility Management is guided by the following principles:

  • Do it right, THE 1ST TIME
  • Listen to and learn from customers i.e. customer focus
  • Focus on continuous improvement on every day matters
  • Employee engagement
  • Build teamwork, trust and mutual respect
  • Commitment by leadership – unity of purpose
  • Process approach
  • Training, education and safety awareness of staff
  • Independent certification
  • Objective measurement i.e. Evidence-based decision making

Our Policies and Guidelines

The Imara Mediplus Hospital is guided by the following Policies & Procedures available to its entire staff:

  1. Management and Leadership Policy
  2. Human Resource Policy
  3. Patient, Family rights and Access to Care Policy
  4. Risk Management Policy
  5. Primary Health Care Guidelines and Policies
  6. Clinical Support Services Guidelines and Policies
  7. Facility Management and Support Policies

*Please contact the facility administrator for access to these documents

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