Manned by highly qualified professional staff with years of experience, The Imara Mediplus Hospital pharmacy prides in the quality of professional services we offer our clients.


The Imara Mediplus Hospital laboratory is one of the key departments in our institution. Our lab is one of the best equipped, well staffed and offering a wide variety specialized tests in the region.


The Imara Mediplus Hospital is a leading primary care outpatient service provider in Eastern Kenya. It is the facility of choice for patients who live or visit this region.


The Imara Mediplus Hospital we believe that everyone should have a healthy smile for life and with the help of our Dental clinic; it’s easier than you think.


The Imara Mediplus Hospital diagnostic imaging department can best described as: Modernized, proficient and dynamic.


Our Pillars are: Prevention, Lifestyle, Nutrition, Education and Training, Vaccination. We offer check-up packages on diseases such as cancer, diabetes, hypertension, kidney or heart disease among others.


As your primary care provider, our role is to provide you and your family with long-term comprehensive care. Our management covers conditions ranging from common diseases to complex illnesses.

Imara Mediplus Hospital

We are a multi-speciality healthcare facility founded and managed by doctors, focused on providing holistic care all under one roof.

The goal of The Imara Mediplus is to provide our clients with the all necessary services required to achieve both health and wellness. We seek to conveniently serve any person in need of friendly, professional, quality assured medical services, without the worry of cost.

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