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1. What is ANC?

ANC is an acronym for Ante Natal Care. This is the clinical and psychological care and support given to pregnant mothers from conception up to delivery.

2. When can I start ANC care?

An expectant lady displaying an ultrasound image

ANC care varies from patient to patient depending on the dynamics of the pregnancy. For mothers with normal non-high-risk pregnancies, the 1st clinic should be before 16 weeks gestation (4 months). As for those with high-risk pregnancies, ANC clinics may start as earlier than this.

  1. What does ANC entail?

ANC basically ensures a smooth and safe pregnancy and where complications are noted, timely intervention is instituted.

It entails a full history and physical examination for the mother, laboratory investigations for the mother to check for hemoglobin levels, blood group and Rhesus factor, syphilis, HIV, and TB screen, malaria screen, Hepatitis B screen, and urinalysis.

An ultrasound image showing the foetus

Ultrasounds may be done to assess fetal development, placenta location, and adequacy of the amniotic fluid, the number of fetuses in the womb and weight of the baby.

Iron and folic acid are supplemented throughout the pregnancy period, tetanus vaccine is administered, deworming is done in the second trimester and treated mosquito nets are issued.


Thereafter at least 3 more visits are recommended during which fetal development is monitored as well the mother’s health.

  1. Does Imara Mediplus Hospital offer these services and what makes them different from other facilities?

Imara Mediplus Hospital runs a dedicated ANC clinic every Wednesday and Thursday from 2pm to 5pm by a resident medical officer.

During delivery, Imara provides a comprehensive service package where we have our resident doctor admitting patients in one of the local hospitals under his care for normal or caesarian delivery, doing daily reviews as well post-discharge follow-up.


Dr. Erick Musyima Musau, MBChB (UoN)

Stanford Seed Alumni (Cohort 3)

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