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Embu Prison Main Entrance
Embu Prison Main Entrance

Kenyan prisons are one of the scariest places someone would like to end up. For our National Police and Prison warders, this is their daily environment. However, for the prisoners living in this places the reality is even worse. Few Kenyans have dared to visit this prisons, but we as Imara Mediplus decided to take our services to the people we felt needed it the most.

On the 22nd & 23rd of November 2017, Imara Staff facilitated a medical camp at the Embu Prison. We provided free doctor’s consultation, dental check-up and lab tests such as:

  1. Full hemogram- to check a persons blood level(Hemoglobin) and white blood cell count(indicates infection)
  2. Calcium levels
  3. Blood Sugar- to screen for diabetes
  4. Blood grouping

We attended to more than 70 people during the 2 day event. Although, we were not allowed to take any photos, the experience will forever remain in our staffs minds and hearts. We hope to do a similar event in 3 months. You can contact us if you would like to participate as a volunteer- 0722353250.

Imara Mediplus Staff after Medical Camp
Imara Mediplus Staff after Medical Camp
Embu Prison Guard Entrance
Embu Prison Guard Entrance

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